Seiko SAT-800 Chromatic Tuner
Price : RM130
Stock : Available
The Seiko SAT-800 heavy duty chromatic tuner is designed and enhanced for use on the road! Its durable aluminium front, heavy duty body and shock-absorbing non-slip rubber bumpers make its tough enough touring. The ample backlit display and large rubberized buttons make it the perfect partner for fat fingered rockers in dark venues. The heft and heavy duty design of this tuner make it about 1/3 larger than your average box tuner, i.e., slightly larger than a Blueberry.
Tuning range : A0 - C8, Sound Generation : C4 - B4
Size : 133mm (W) x 140mm x (H) x 38mm (D) , Weight : 91
Features include mode indication, pitch indication, auto power-off, memory backup, pointer position calibration, note and octave indicator, built-in mic and in/out jacks. The chromatic Seiko SAT-800 offers 3 tuning methods including : auto-chromatic mode, manual-chromatic mode, and sound generation mode, clip-on contact microphone for better tuining.
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